Donate for Music: Voice Teachers Suffer from Natural Disasters

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September 18, 2017
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September 18, 2017

"To donate to the fund, go to Contact me and let me know if you do - at through this website."


There have been some big natural disasters in the US in 2017, and a lot of people's lives have been negatively impacted. If you are like me, you've made a donation to the Red Cross or another organization to help with general recovery. But there is a great way that you can have specific impact on the lives of some of the key people in singing; donate for music.

Because of these natural disasters, there are hundreds of voice teachers and music schools that have lost all of their music and gear, suffered damage to their pianos and the very buildings they teach in. These teachers will continue to hurt as lives and homes are slowly rebuilt and their students slowly return to their studios.

The way that you can help these voice teachers is by donating to the non-profit organization, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, also know as NATS. NATS has set up a fund where 100% of donations go to teachers who need the help to rebuild their studios during this difficult time.

To donate to the fund, go to Contact me and let me know if you do - at through this website.

Nancy Bos
Nancy Bos
Bos, a singer, voice actor, and voice teacher, has introduced the joy of singing to people all over the world with her lessons, books, and podcast. “It’s been an amazing journey, and so meaningful. I feel like voice teachers and voice actors are the luckiest people alive. We get to live our passion every day and experience the joy of transformation every minute we are working.” Bos has loved singing since she grew up in South Dakota and later in Iowa and New Mexico.

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