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February 13, 2018
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February 16, 2018

Singer's Practice Plan, Log, and Journal: A Planner for Singing Students

Singer's Practice Plan, Log and Journal: A Planner for Singing Students is a one of a kind tool designed exclusively for singers by a voice teacher and students. This planner is a proven hit in successful voice studios because of its clear layout and helpful calendars and lists. Singers who utilize an effective plan for study achieve their goals and advance their skills in voice lessons and vocal study. The Singer's Practice Plan, Log, and Journal has proven to be a friendly, intuitive resource for singers and their teachers to keep track of goals and provide structure for practice sessions. Contents include: Monthly and Weekly Calendars Singer's Repertoire List Weekly practice Logs Weekly Journal and Blank Sheet Music.

Nancy Bos
Nancy Bos
Bos, a singer, voice actor, and voice teacher, has introduced the joy of singing to people all over the world with her lessons, books, and podcast. “It’s been an amazing journey, and so meaningful. I feel like voice teachers and voice actors are the luckiest people alive. We get to live our passion every day and experience the joy of transformation every minute we are working.” Bos has loved singing since she grew up in South Dakota and later in Iowa and New Mexico.

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