ES047 Practicing Speech Therapy w/ Barbara Wilson Arboleda

ES046 Giving Thanks for Music w/ Nancy Bos
November 20, 2018
ES048 Quantifying Rep Tessituras w/ Dr. Matthew Schloneger
January 4, 2019

Explore the world of Speech Language Pathology with Barbara Wilson Arboleda. Barbara is a highly respected speech therapist and singing teacher. She’s also a performer. You can find her music on CD Baby under the name Morgan Duran. Barbara is an expert in teaching singing technique for contemporary commercial music (e.g., rock, pop, country, folk)

Barbara is an SLP at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Voice and Speech Laboratory in Boston. In order to be seen by Barbara a patient needs to go through a doctor for a referral, but if you want to chat with her about other things related to speech therapy, voice science, and singing, catch her on  
You can also experience Barbara on a DVD called The Kid and the Singing Teacher w/ Robert Edwin.  Robert was a guest on Every Sing for episode 21.
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