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Nancy Bos, Studio Director and Vocal Instructor

“There is no better way to build your brain and voice than by focusing in a group.”

One-on-One Voice Lessons and Coaching Sessions with Nancy

Opportunities on-site

in Kirkland and Bellevue, WA

Online Individual Lessons

Available by appointment

Nancy has a way with online lessons that make them even better than in-person lessons. The advantages of working closely by screen, in the comfort of your preferred venue, and without traveling to Nancy’s studio make it a winning option for singers. Singers advance more quickly in pitch accuracy, kinesthetic awareness, and independence, all while getting the same quality instruction from a top voice teacher.


All Students: Initial Consultation and Sample Lesson: $125.00, to make sure I am the right teacher for you! (I am not scary, I promise!) Lasts about one hour.

High School Students: $400 per month with a maximum of 4 lessons per month. Guidelines will be discussed at the initial consultation/sample lesson.

Adult Students and Singing Voice Rehabilitation Clients: fees range from $115.00–$130.00 per session.

Contact Nancy to talk about it.

"Nancy is a great teacher. She handled each of us based on our abilities! Her depth of knowledge is impressive and she uses it SO WELL!"


"Being an absolute novice, the group intensive was a great way to expedite my growth and learn a lot about singing, the voice and myself alike. The group had different experience levels but everyone belonged as they are and grew as a result. Nancy was able to create a safe and comfortable environment that turned out being hugely fun and completely worth while. Having this opportunity to sing with others and learn from them all was irreplaceable, thank you Nancy!"


"Nancy Bos' group lessons were an amazing experience! You get to meet great people of varying levels of experience. Her class enhanced both my confidence and skill in singing. I can't wait for the next one!"